This is the Rithum Switch

Our latest generation of smart switch is here. Rithum Switch simplifies the setup and use of your smart home. Replacing an 86mm x 86mm square light switch, it provides convenient control of lighting, audio and climate in one place and has some sensors built-in to boot.

Simple Scenes

The scenes screen gives you access to your most used presets. Control one room or the whole house at the touch of a button. Select up to eight of your most used scenes to show on the scenes screen.

Easy Audio Control

The audio screen gives you access to your favourite music services. A responsive interface presents the simple, quick actions you need most often. Designed for quick and easy control of the most used actions.

Rithum 004 Rithum Climate

Quick Climate Adjustment

The climate screen allows you to quickly boost or cut the heating, see the current temperature or manually adjust the set point of another integration, such as Fibaro or Tado.

Compatible plugin required.

Coming Soon: Built-in Thermostat

With temperature sensing built in, Rithum Switch is also a thermostat and comes with our new Climate Scheduling screen.

Thermostat features will release as early access to begin with and require a relay via a third party integration to switch heating on/off.

Standby Gestures

When the screen is in standby, a short hold toggles the lights or a double tap gets your music playing. Rithum Switch’s standby gestures mean you can get up and running as quickly as possible. Just setup which room you want to toggle with the hold gesture. The double tap gesture will play/pause the last selected audio zone.

Example System Topology with Hue & Sonos

Rithum Switch communicates via your internal Wi-Fi network to other devices. Sonos players could be wired or wireless. One or more Hue Bridges are hardwired to the network. Any devices that can be paired with the Philips Hue Bridge can be controlled from Rithum. This is not restricted to just Hue branded bulbs. The topology below shows an example Hue & Sonos system, however the principle is the same for other supported integrations.

Swapping a traditional light switch for a Rithum SmartSwitch Lite

Replaces Existing Switch

Rithum Switch replaces a single UK or EU light switch. From each switch, you could control the room it's in, another room, or the whole house, depending on how you have set it up.

power & wifi v2

Just Needs Power & WiFi

Rithum Switch just needs a live and neutral to power it (see below on how to get a neutral), or 12-30V DC. Then it communicates with other devices via Wi-Fi

Works With

Rithum Switch works out of the box with Philips Hue Bridge for lighting and Sonos for audio, or simply add a plugin that supports a different integration.

Neutral Wires

Needing a neutral wire isn’t as bad as it sounds. It doesn’t require rewiring and usually just a small wiring tweak is all you need.

Rithum Switch just needs power and this doesn’t need to be on or near the same power of the lights, it could be completely separate.

There are a few options depending on your scenario:

Light First Wiring

A. You already have a neutral

You might already have a neutral at the switch. This is most common in mainland Europe and means you can swap over your existing switch for Rithum Switch with minimal effort.

Rithum Switch plug power

B. Use a local power socket

You don't have a neutral at the switch but your desired SmartSwitch Lite location might back onto a cupboard with a power socket or even have a socket below it on a plasterboard wall. The easiest option might be to run a short cable to the socket within the wall and plug it into the socket.

Wiring Tweak

C. Neutral wiring tweak

Even if you don't have a neutral or a nearby socket, it doesn't necessarily mean re-wiring. Simply by locating which light your switch wires to first and swapping a couple of wires at that location, you can get a neutral to your switch.

Versatile Back Box Compatibility

Rithum Switch works with both UK square (71mm) and EU round (68mm) back boxes.

Easy On-Screen Setup

We’ve made the configuration of Rithum Switch as easy as possible. No additional app, no web browser, all on-screen. This demo shows how software version 1.4.1 is configured.

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