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Some integrations work with Rithum Switch out-of-the-box, such as Philips Hue compatible bulbs and Sonos audio players. Simply power your Rithum Switch up and follow the simple on-screen setup.

Also included are Rithum Stat, our built-in thermostatic software, and HTTPviaSD which allows integration with almost anything via HTTP requests.

Works With: Plugins

Not everybody has Hue and/or Sonos, so additional plugins enable Rithum Switch to work with other systems. Premium and Pro plugins are a one-off purchase, not a subscription, so you only pay once per plugin per smart switch.

Works With List

The list below covers Rithum’s current native integrations, but also see HTTPviaSD for how you can integrate other systems into the scenes screen and Rithum Stat for information on our thermostat.


Using the Sonos integration out of the box, you can change rooms and select a favourite. Then use the transport controls to skip or pause or adjust the volume if you need to. For anything else, there’s Sonos’ great phone app, but these functions provide you the quick control you need. You can even play & pause with our double tap gesture without waking the screen!

Philips Hue

When the screen is in standby, a short hold toggles the lights or a double tap gets your music playing. Rithum Switch’s standby gestures mean you can get up and running as quickly as possible. Just setup which room you want to toggle with the hold gesture. The double tap gesture will play/pause the last selected audio zone.


Your whole household can now effortlessly adjust the temperature without the need for a smart phone app. Using the Tado integration, you can adjust the set point in a couple of taps.

Athom Homey Pro

Now you can trigger your Homey Pro Flows from the scenes screen or using standby gestures. Pairing this with Homey means you can trigger almost anything from Rithum Switch.

Plus, the plugin includes Levels support to adjust the brightness of your light devices, and Climate support to control Rithum Stat from Homey, complete with temperature sensor feedback into Homey.

Fibaro Core

Integrate Rithum Switch with your Fibaro Home Center 3 or 3 Lite and trigger all of your favourite scenes from the Scenes screen or using standby gestures.

The Fibaro Core integration now includes Climate and Levels integration, meaning you can control the Fibaro climate panel (complete with temperature sensor feedback) and adjust light levels.

Rithum Levels Screen smart lighting system
Rthum Switch smart thermostat


A sleek front-end is now possible for your Heatmiser system. Integrate Rithum with Heatmiser Neohubs to provide simple manual adjustment of Heatmiser’s set point across multiple zones.

Shelly Local

Use Shelly relays or dimmers on your local network in Scenes or from the Levels screen. In addition, pairing with Rithum Stat creates a full thermostat solution complete with our 7-day scheduler.

Rithum Switch smart speaker control

Zuma Array

The Zuma Array from Zuma combines light and sound into one and can now be controlled from Rithum. Rithum and Zuma are incredibly powerful together but when combined with Rithum’s other integrations, they fit well into many projects. This integration offers scene control of both Audio and Light functions, including Circadian Mode control, plus Level control of brightness and volume.


Simple control of your Rako lighting system alongside other smart control. The scenes screen allows mood activation with a tap and  Rithum Switch’s standby gestures get you there even quicker. Plus Levels control gives room or circuit brightness/state control.

Rithum Switch smart home touch panel
Rithum Switch Lutron Lighting

Lutron Ra2 Select Core

Our smart switch integrates with the Lutron Ra2 Select system to provide easy access to 8 scenes for smart lighting and blinds control. Also includes Levels support to adjust light or room brightness.


High quality audio at your fingertips. The BluOS plugin provides control of multi-zone players from one interface. Perfect for a range of settings and projects.

BluOS Lite

Get control of your personal BluOS system with the BluOS Lite plugin. Perfect for systems up to four zones or not using multi-zone amplifiers.

Rithum Switch smart speaker control


Trigger HDANYWHERE sequences at the touch of a button. The scenes screen allows mood activation with a tap and Rithum Switch’s standby gestures get you there even quicker. A truly smart switch!


Rithum’s Blustream integration offers not only input to output video switching but also audio routing, line level volume control, and now CEC source and display control, meaning entire AV systems can be controlled with just Blustream & Rithum. Great for homes, meeting rooms, sports bars, and more.

Rithum Switch Table Stand Meeting Room Scenes

More On The Way

We are working on additional native integrations. You can upvote integration and feature requests on our forum. If there’s something you want to see, then be sure to cast your vote.

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