Philips Hue


Philips Hue controller

Rithum Switch integrates with the Philips Hue Bridge to provide control of smart bulbs and smart lights out-of-the-box. Simply connect the device to the same Wi-Fi network and your smart lighting control is good to go. You can access lighting Scenes to use the Rithum Switch as a smart dimmer switch and also control the Levels of each room or light using the Levels screen.



Smart Lighting Scenes

This plugin provides quick access to your favourite Hue scenes from the Rithum Switch scenes screen and via standby gestures. It works with scenes across multiple rooms, zones and even bridges so you have all of your most common scenes at your fingertips.

Groups Scenes

Rithum Switch has 8 main buttons, but being able to collate sub-scenes in a group provides users with much wider control options. For example, a user could group 3 or 4 – or more – kitchen Scenes to one of the main 8 buttons. 

  • Macro mode (default): Triggers all of the Scenes in the group and can be useful to turn all lighting and audio off / on with the press of one button
  • List mode: Once pressed, this will display a pop-up list showing all Scenes within the group, which can be controlled independently. This is useful for grouping Scenes within a zone, for example, all lighting in the kitchen
  • Step mode: Pressing the Group Scene button will cycle through the grouped Scenes and display them one after the next, activating each one as it is displayed

Levels Screen

From within Rithum Switch, users are able to control the lighting levels at Group Level, for example all lights in the Kitchen Group, or at individual device level. Simply use the toggles to switch groups or devices on or off, then use the sliders to adjust the levels as required.

Standby control of smart bulbs

Using the Philips Hue plugin, you can get the lights on as you move in and out of rooms using the hold standby gesture, without needing to wake the screen. Or, to adjust the scene, simply tap the screen to wake it and select one. The setup of Rithum is all done on the screen, with no additional app required.

Communication Type: Local / LAN
Screens Supported: Scenes
Plugin Type: Standard (out-of-box)
Other info: Supports scenes from multiple rooms/zones and from multiple bridges simultaneously

Philips Hue Plugin Specifications

This plugin communicates with one or more Philips Hue Bridges over your local network (LAN) and support the scenes screen. 

Topology With Philips Hue

Rithum Switch can communicate with one or more Philips Hue Bridges on your local network simultaneously. This is alongside other systems that Rithum might be integrated with through other plugins.

Works With Rithum Switch

This plugin is included out of the box with Rithum Switch.

Other Plugins

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