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  • Rithum Switch smart home touch panel

    Rithum Switch


    The award winning smart home touch panel for smart lighting, audio and climate control.

    Out-of-the-box Rithum Switch offers Philips Hue smart lighting and Sonos audio control. Plus, with temperature sensing built in, Rithum Switch includes Rithum Stat climate control and comes with our new Rithum Stat Scheduling screen.

    Software plugins also allow the Rithum Switch to integrate with Fibaro, Rako, HDANYWHERE, BluOS, Tado, Homey and Lutron Ra2 systems. Simply add the relevant software plugin via our shop before you checkout.

    Tech Company of the Year • Best Control Panel • Best HVAC Thermostat

    Tech Company of the Year

    Now you can Find a Rithum Installer in your local area using our Find An Installer page.

  • Rithum Switch Table Stand

    Rithum Switch Table Stand


    The Rithum Switch Table Stand provides users with the flexibility to place a switch anywhere in a room. Switches can be placed on a side table, next to the sofa, or on a bedside table, ensuring that smart lighting, audio and climate control are always within reach.

    Size: W86 x H73.4 x D75

    Note that there is no cable included but please see our 12V USB cable which is now available for pre-order. Mains power is also possible alongside the earthing lug inside. Not compatible with ssl-01-uk.

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