Using Rithum as a Control4 keypad or with another control system

Integrating Rithum as a Control4 keypad alternative, or with any other centralised control system like Crestron, RTI, or Savant, presents a unique opportunity to elevate smart home and commercial automation to new heights. This integration allows for a seamless combination of Rithum’s dynamic capabilities with the complexity of systems such as Control4. Let’s delve into how Rithum serves as a dynamic and cost-effective alternative to traditional Control4 keypads and showcasing the advantages of Rithum as an alternative to a Control4 wired keypad.

The Role of HTTP Requests in Integration

The foundation of integrating Rithum with Control4 systems is the use of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). HTTP is crucial for the seamless communication between Rithum devices and Control4 systems, acting as the bridge that enables data transfer and command execution across the network. For a detailed exploration of how this integration works, particularly the technical specifics, our guide on integrating Rithum with Control4 talks through the integration step by step.

Rithum Switch as a Control4 keypad alternative

Elevating Control with Rithum as a Control4 Keypad Alternative

Rithum technology offers a compelling alternative to the traditional Control4 keypad or Control4 touch panel, (especially when you consider the Control4 touch panel price, or even the Control4 keypad price for that matter), introducing a level of dynamism and cost efficiency that challenges even Control4 keypads and some of their touch panels. This isn’t just about replacing hardware; it’s about enhancing the user experience through flexible and innovative control solutions.

Introducing HTTPviaSD for Seamless Integration

At the heart of Rithum’s integration capabilities with Control4 systems is the HTTPviaSD plugin, which operates on each Rithum switch. This software enables users to load HTTP requests directly onto a switch, facilitating a range of functionalities such as triggering scenes on the scenes screen, utilising the hold standby gesture for quick commands, or using such a request as a Rithum Stat “heat on” or “heat off” action. Discover the full capabilities of HTTPviaSD and its role in integration on the HttpviaSD product page.

The Value of Rithum in a Control4 Setup

Opting for Rithum over a traditional Control4 keypad or Control4 wired keypad is not merely a budgetary decision. It represents a strategic choice to adopt a solution that provides enhanced versatility and efficiency. When considering the Control4 keypad price, integrating Rithum products into your system emerges as a cost-effective solution without sacrificing functionality or control.

Spotlight on Rithum Products and Innovations

  • Rithum Switch: A prime example of Rithum’s integration capability with Control4, the Rithum Switch allows users to manage their environment with unparalleled ease and flexibility. Learn more about its features on the Rithum Switch product page.
  • Rithum Switch Pro: The recent announcement of the Rithum Switch Pro marks a significant advancement, featuring Power over Ethernet (PoE) and intercom capabilities, thereby offering an attractive upgrade for both installers and end-users interested in cutting-edge integration. Further details are available in the Rithum Switch Pro announcement.

Integration with other control systems

Whilst here we have focussed on integrating Rithum with Control4, it should be remembered that a very similar method can be employed to integrate with many other control systems. For example you could integrate Rithum with Crestron, Savant, RTI or more.

If you need help with any of these then be sure to reach out to our team.


The integration of Rithum with Control4 systems redefines the landscape of smart home and commercial automation by providing a dynamic, cost-effective Control4 keypad alternative or a cheaper C4 touch panel. With HTTPviaSD enabling integration, Rithum products offer a versatile and efficient approach to control that enhances the functionality and user experience of any space. By offering a viable solution that competes with the Control4 keypad price and functionality, Rithum ensures that modernising your automation system is both accessible and impactful.

Rithum Switch

Rithum Switch directly replaces an existing light switch and provides a convenient location in each room to control your smart home.



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