Smart audio control – Replacing an audio keypad with Rithum Switch

Traditional audio keypads were great, in the 90’s…

With the evolution of smart phone audio control, we’ve lost the amazing audio keypads which provided easy access control points for multi-zone audio, that functioned well and were reliable. But all hardware, regardless of what type of product it is, suffers from wear and tear and eventually needs to be replaced. Fast-forward to 2023 and there’s a better solution; the Rithum Switch.

Out-of-the-box Sonos smart speaker control

The Rithum Switch, like a traditional keypad, offers multi-zone audio control but delivered in a sleek matte back finish with crisp colour touchscreen display. Out-of-the-box Rithum Switch integrates with Sonos and offers traditional transport and volume controls, zone selection, and access to Sonos Favourites allowing users to play radio, pre-built playlists, or Spotify. Perhaps you’re running a BluOS system, fret not, via an additional BluOS plugin Rithum Switch can offer the same functionality for such devices.

Rithum Switch smart audio control

An all-in-one smart home control panel

What’s most impressive is the Rithum Switch not only provides audio control, but also offers lighting and climate control packaged into the same switch. Philips Hue integration is provided as standard, or the switch can be tailored with plugins to integrate with lighting systems such as Lutron Ra2, Fibaro, Rako or Homey Pro. Climate control can be achieved using the switches built in temperature sensor and thermostatic software – Rithum Stat – which also includes a 7 day scheduler, or again, via additional plugin for Tado or Fibaro Climate.

An easy replacement for a Nuvo keypad, Systemline keypad, or Russound keypad

Perhaps “the catch” is installation? The Rithum Switch has flexible power supply options taking both 100-240V AC and 12-24V DC, meaning you can most likely use the existing wiring setup. An audio keypad from the likes of NuVo, Systemline, Russound or others predominantly use cat5 cabling, so this suits perfectly to just have a centralised DC power supply powering the Rithum Switches, so replacing a NuVo keypad is a cakewalk.

So given that an audio keypad can range from £150-£300, not considering the centralised equipment, we expect you’re thinking with all this additional functionality the Rithum Switch is a pricey upgrade option. Think again. At £250 UK retail (plus additional plugins) it’s an incredibly cost effective replacement packed full of features beyond a traditional audio keypad.

Sonos topology audio control
Smart audio control - Replacing an audio keypad with Rithum Switch 1

If you’re looking to replace a NuVo, Systemline, Russound, or other audio keypad system, look no further than Rithum.

Rithum Switch

Rithum Switch directly replaces an existing light switch and provides a convenient location in each room to control your smart home.



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