New Smart Home Thermostat Switch by Rithum: Next-Level Home Automation

20 Dec 2022, London, UK – Smart home startup, Rithum (fka VIOLET), have today announced the launch of Rithum Switch; their third generation smart home control device that replaces an existing light switch and is also a thermostat. Rithum Switch provides audio, lighting and climate control, from one convenient location without the need for a smart phone. UK and European customers can pre-order you Rithum Smart Home Touch Panel the device today directly from Rithum for delivery in a January.

Often with smart home control, especially in environments where multiple systems from different manufacturers are required to work in parallel, the user experience is compromised. Users may need multiple devices – on average 9.16 per household – or multiple apps to obtain full control of their environments, such as lighting, audio and climate control. Rithum aims to solve this with their smart switch, which replaces an existing light switch in a home or commercial environment. The device provides convenient control of multiple smart systems from one wall-mounted location, whilst being more accessible to users when compared with a mobile app.

Out of the box Rithum Switch works with Philips Hue lighting, Sonos audio, and via its built in temperature sensor can act as a thermostat. In addition, software plugins can be purchased and installed remotely via WiFi giving users access to smart systems such as Homey, Fibaro, BluOS and Tado, to name a few. This also means new features can be added as Rithum develops them without the need for expensive hardware upgrades or call our charges.

The temperature sensor gives Rithum Switch the ability to act as a thermostat, which is a new addition to this generation and adds even more value and convenience to their offering, especially given the ongoing energy crisis.

Ryan Ovens, Founder and CEO of Rithum said:

“I’ve experienced first hand the trouble in controlling all my smart systems. At one end of the market I would have needed multiple wall mounted devices or apps which isn’t convenient, or I would need to consider a more luxury option. Whilst that would look great, it could cost tens of thousands and has ongoing maintenance costs to update with new features. That leaves a huge gap in the middle market for consumers who want access to functionality, but via a singular premium device that’s integrated into the home. We believe Rithum Switch will fill that gap”

Stock is limited, so click here to pre order the new Rithum Switch today.

Rithum Switch

Rithum Switch directly replaces an existing light switch and provides a convenient location in each room to control your smart home.



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