Case Study: Transforming Smart Home Control with Rithum Switch as a Fibaro Touch Screen

Project Location: Eckernförde, Germany

Integrations: Philips Hue, Sonos, Fibaro touch screen, (Homey)

Project Partner(s): SIT

Completion date: February 2024

Project Overview

The main construction of this exciting project in northern Germany was by a UK-based leader in the construction of prefabricated homes, who offer a range of residences that cater to diverse budgetary requirements. Their premium homes are enhanced with the Fibaro Home Center 3 smart home system, which streamlines lighting, shading, and temperature management. Utilising Fibaro’s flush-mounted modules alongside the Rithum Switch Fibaro touch screen, these homes facilitate direct or scene-based control of lighting and shading, specifically Raff blinds (external venetian shutters). Additionally, they are outfitted with temperature and motion sensors to augment the living experience.

Despite the technological sophistication of these systems, the homebuyers of this property sought enhancements in the system’s ease of use. They found the abundance of switches, the complex adjustments required for the Raff blinds, the manual regulation of temperatures outside preset schedules, and the control of Philips Hue lighting and the comprehensive Sonos audio system overly complicated, despite their familiarity with smart home technologies.

Innovative Fibaro Touch Screen Solution

Recognising the need for a more intuitive user interface (UI) that could consolidate the myriad of control options and scenes into a user-friendly experience, SIT’s proposed solution centred on implementing a graphical UI accessible in every room. This approach aimed to simplify home management significantly.

Given the technical nature of Fibaro’s UI, SIT’s search for an alternative led us to Homey, known for its balance of technical capability and user-friendly interface. However, the quest for a unified application to control all utilised products without switching between apps brought them to Rithum. Rithum’s offering, encompassing both hardware and software solutions with extensive integrations, perfectly aligned with our requirements fro a Fibaro touch screen. By integrating Rithum Switches, strategically placed at eye level in critical rooms, they were able to enhance accessibility and control.

Rithum Switch In Contemporary open plan living area
An open plan living area utilises multiple Rithum Switches, carefully placed just where they are needed

The prefabricated building manufacturer’s homes employ infrared ceiling heaters, managed by the Fibaro system through a weekly schedule. Although Homey offers promising features, it does not match Fibaro’s efficiency in temperature control. Fortunately, Rithum Switch’s compatibility with both systems, including temperature sensor feedback, allowed the project to maintain a seamless backend operation, invisible to the users.

Each room received a Rithum Switch setup, totalling 7 Rithum Switches in total, with each tailored to the room’s specific needs, utilising the Scene Screen feature to minimise UI complexity. With up to eight buttons per screen, linked to Fibaro and Philips Hue scenes, residents can effortlessly manage lighting and shading. The integration extends to controlling Philips Hue lights and adjusting room temperatures beyond the scheduled settings directly through the Rithum Switch, with an easy option to revert to the programmed schedule. The addition of Sonos integration in almost every room underscores the Rithum Switch’s versatility and appeal, especially as a Fibaro touch screen.

The Rithum Switch in the Dining area is placed nearby a key circulation point, providing effortless control for all users

Future Outlook

SIT have found collaboration with Rithum to have been a revelation, highlighting the Rithum’s commitment to innovation through continuous integration of new features. The introduction of the Rithum Switch Pro signals Rithum’s commitment to the installer market and also an expansion into corporate markets, promising exciting opportunities for future projects.

The evolution of smart home systems is driven by user needs and challenges. As we move forward, Rithum remain dedicated to supporting homeowners in their quest for a more automated, smarter living environment, leveraging the Rithum Switch’s capabilities to enhance their daily lives.

This case study not only showcases the transformative impact of the Rithum Switch on smart home control but also exemplifies our commitment to delivering user-centric solutions that simplify complex technologies, making smart living accessible to all.

Rithum Switch

Rithum Switch directly replaces an existing light switch and provides a convenient location in each room to control your smart home.



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