Software update 2.3 – tick!

Rithum are excited to announce the 2.3 software update is rolling out with lots of exciting new features.

• From within Rithum Switch, the ability to rename scene button labels or add a 2nd label
• Additional Scenes and Gestures for Philips Hue
• Ability to create a toggle hold gesture for Lutron RA2
• Enhancements to web config for LutronRA2

The update will roll-out in stages which started earlier this week and will be complete by the end of the week.

Scenes button naming

Label 1 and Label 2 can now be renamed on scene buttons rather than renaming them in the third party system. This is particularly useful if the integration cannot be updated or is tricky to update, one example being HTTPviaSD or if the integration doesn’t provide a Label 2, such as Lutron RA2.

Scene label naming
Label selection
Scene label naming
Label 1
Scene label naming
Label 2

Philips Hue gestures

A highly requested feature. Users can now select an on scene for the Hold gesture rather than just toggling the lights on which, in Hue turns on all lights. Note, that the room state that will be checked will be the same zone as that of the scene selected.

Philips Hue Hold Gesture
Philips Hue Hold Gesture

Philips Hue: Scenes for group off and group on

These two new Philips Hue scenes can be used instead of toggling. For instance, you might want a “House Off” scene without the risk of triggering “House On” that is present with a toggle scene.

Philips Hue Group On & Off
Group Off & On Settings

Optional ‘off’ hold gesture (mainly for Lutron RA2)

It might be desirable to set an Off scene for the hold gesture, especially if the Off command does more than the selected room, or in the case of Lutron where there is no explicit Room Off command so a scene must be defined.

Hold Gesture
Hold Gesture Settings

Rithum Switch

Rithum Switch directly replaces an existing light switch and provides a convenient location in each room to control your smart home.



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