Rithum Switch Works As KNX Touch Panel with Launch of KNX IP Plugin

Rithum are thrilled to announce that the highly awaited KNX IP plugin has successfully entered the beta testing phase and is on track to be widely available in the upcoming weeks.

The combination of Rithum’s user-centric interface with KNX’s ubiquitous automation protocol has successfully matched ease of use with the complexity of home and building automation systems, presented as an easy to use KNX touch panel.

This synergy not only paves the way for enhanced interconnectivity between various devices and systems but also democratises access to advanced technological setups. KNX installers and users now have the ability to control and monitor their environments with greater precision, personalisation, and convenience, opening up a new dimension of control that’s both powerful and accessible.

Using Rithum Switch or Rithum Switch Pro alongside the KNX IP Plugin, provides a KNX touch panel that offers:

  • Scene based control of lighting or other group addresses
  • Zone/Device control from the Levels screen, providing brightness and on/off toggles for each item
  • Exposure of Rithum’s temperature sensor data onto a KNX group address
  • Use of the Hold Standby Gesture to easily toggle the lights without waking the KNX touch panel

KNX Touch Panel using Tunneling Protocol

The integration uses KNX’s Tunneling Protocol to connect a Rithum Switch to a KNX system, so an IP Router or other gateway that supports tunneling is required for the integration to function

The plugin will be available to pro installers in the coming weeks, and more information on the plugin can be found on the product page. The plugin release notes detail more technical information as well as a user guide.

Rithum Switch

Rithum Switch directly replaces an existing light switch and provides a convenient location in each room to control your smart home.



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