Rithum announces a new integration with Zuma Array – the downlight and speaker in one

Zuma will become Rithum’s newest Pro Plugin partner, offering Zuma users sound and light control via Rithum’s popular all-in-one smart switch. 

22/02/2024, London, UK. 

Zuma, the high performance speaker-light pioneers who offer the Zuma Array, today announced an exciting new partnership with smart home control specialists, Rithum. Zuma is set to become Rithum’s latest Pro Plugin partner, seamlessly integrating core Zuma functionality into Rithum’s user-friendly, wall-mounted control panel. This means Zuma users will have the ability to adjust sound and lights from a Rithum Switch installed into a standard lightswitch fitting in their home. What’s more, Zuma can now operate within the same ecosystem as a host of popular smart home solutions including Philips Hue, Sonos, and more – all brought together via Rithum’s industry-leading smart switch interface. 

Many of Zuma’s control functions like warm to cool colour temperature control, dimming and wellbeing light features are made available via the Rithum switch. Once simple set up steps are completed, users will be able to turn lights on and off, activate light scenes and circadian lighting, and utilise audio play actions like play, stop, mute, unmute, and volume control. Light scenes can be controlled from the Scenes screen and levels control for both lights and audio volume can be accessed from the Levels screen. Rithum also allows for unique Standby gestures for instant ‘no-look’ control. From the standby screen, users can hold to toggle lights, and double tap to play/pause audio.

The Rithum Switch and Zuma Pro Plugin can be installed as new, or retro-fitted into existing Zuma systems, and Rithum users can similarly take advantage of Zuma’s benefits by now introducing Zuma into their home. The Zuma Pro Plugin is available now, installed via a Rithum installation partner.

Zuma array with Rithum Switch control
The Rithum Switch’s scenes screen configured to control a Zuma Array

Rithum & Zuma Array – the future of intuitive smart home control

Both UK start-ups, Zuma Array and Rithum are disrupting the status-quo in smart home integration. Zuma’s easy to install integrated lights and speakers combined with the Rithum Switch become a powerful combination that redefines the useability and accessibility of modern smart home solutions. 

With a similar philosophy to Zuma’s speaker/light fittings that install within existing downlight holes and use existing wiring, Rithum is installed into a lightswitch fitting, and also utilises existing wiring. Once connected, all the home’s smart technology can be controlled wirelessly from a single wall-mounted control panel. Simple interface controls and handy ‘standby screen actions’ make choosing music, adjusting lighting, and picking out a Zuma wellbeing presets as straightforward as interacting with a traditional lightswitch. 

Rithum also shares a fundamental philosophy of smart home accessibility with Zuma Array. Both products offer users the opportunity to enjoy the convenience, sustainability and lifestyle benefits of custom integrated smart home technology, without the need for complex installations, expensive power and control systems and specialist racks that take up valuable space. It’s one of the many reasons Zuma Array and Rithum make natural technology partners. 

Rithum Zuma Array software box front
Zuma Array plugin box front
Rithum Zuma Array software box back
Zuma Array plugin box rear

Opening up a world of compatibility

In recent years, Zuma has become a popular and much-admired solution for smart sound and lighting. But until now, Zuma’s functionality has existed separately from other smart home technologies that might be utilised in the modern home. With Rithum integration, that’s changing. With a Zuma Pro Plugin installed on a Rithum Switch, Zuma Array will operate in the same ecosystem as many other leading smart home brands including Philips Hue, Sonos, Tado, BluOS, and more. Rithum becomes an access point of your smart home system, with smart home solutions like Zuma Array controllable via the Rithum interface.

Rithum Zuma Array scenes screen
Rithum’s scene screen providing simple control of light and audio functions of Zuma Array
Rithum Zuma Array levels screen
The Levels screen provides brightness and volume level adjustment of Zuma Array

The Zuma Pro Plugin for Rithum is available now, via a trained Rithum installation technician. For more information, or to organise installation, simply contact Zuma or Rithum

“We’re excited to launch this new partnership with Rithum, a brand that shares our vision for a simpler, more user-friendly smart home experience. With Rithum integration, we look forward to bringing Zuma into more smart home systems than ever before.”
Morten Warren, Founder & CEO, Zuma Array
“There is a lot of synergy between Rithum & Zuma in that both brands are combining multiple functions into one and both can be easily installed without any specialist cabling. Being able to control Zuma from Rithum offers a seamless experience for users with minimal smartphone use. We are really excited for this partnership and the potential applications.”
Ryan Ovens, Founder & CEO, Rithum


Zuma is an immersive high performance loudspeaker and a premium LED light, intelligently paired inside a single downlight unit in your ceiling. Multi-room and wireless, virtually invisible, and an absolute breeze to install and use, Zuma discreetly and wirelessly fills each room with stunning audio and naturally intuitive lighting – without the need for cables, cluttered surfaces, or confusing tech. 

Rithum Switch

Rithum Switch directly replaces an existing light switch and provides a convenient location in each room to control your smart home.



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