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As the Autumn settles in and the days shorten, no doubt many will be worrying about the heating costs. Exasperated by the energy crisis which has gripped the UK, it’s an issue that has seeped into a multiple of socioeconomic groups and has given birth to the term Heat or eat. Energy is a complex global issue and is not one that will likely be resolved in the near future, we’re sorry to say. So let’s be practical, what can we do as consumers to help minimise the biggest household utilities cost: heating. This is the first in a series of blogs where we’ll explore a few way which will hopefully help to reduce your heating bill by a few pounds.

How to save on your heating bill by planning ahead

Since the pandemic our weekly schedules have been turned upside down. Initially, it was a complete role reversal of the ubiquitous 9 to 5 in the office and working from home become the new norm. Whilst being at home all day certainly shifted energy usage from our employers to us as consumers, it was easy to plan for. Heat on in the morning, maybe a short spell in the afternoon, then on again in the evening, Monday to Friday.

Now, our schedules are not as clear cut. According to Forbes, as of 2023 12.7% of full-time employees work from home, while 28.2% work a hybrid model. However, this is underpinned by the fact that 59.1% of workforce still work in-office, hinting that a full time return to the office could be just around the corner.

Rithum Switch heating costs

Smart heating can reduce heating costs, if you use it well

As a consequence of our ever changing weekly schedules, being extra diligent about your heating schedule will help to ensure that your energy consumption is as efficient as possible and help to reduce heating costs. In fact, making sure the heating is off when you’re out is one of the most effective ways at reducing your energy bill. And, it’s easy! Using the Rithum Switch’s intuitive 7-day scheduler, at the end of the week take 5 minutes to adjust your schedule making sure it’s suited to the upcoming week.

An easy to use smart thermostat for heating control

Using the Rithum Switch’s built in temperature sensor and thermostatic software (Rithum Stat), the switch can act as a standalone thermostat, a key element in reducing heating costs. Alternatively, if you are considering a retro fit, via our software plugins the Rithum Switch also integrates with Tado and Fibaro heating systems. Either way, you’ll still receive heating control in a switch that’s dead simple to install and setup.

Turning down your smart thermostat can reduce energy bills

Whilst we’re on the subject of temperature setpoints, it’s estimated that the UK could save £1.4bn by simply turning down the smart thermostat by 1 degree. So take advantage of Rithum Switch’s intuitive scheduler, plan your week, and knock the target temperature down by just a degree. Every little helps. In fact, it’s so simple and intuitive to make a manual adjustment to the setpoint that you’ll be more likely to do that, rather than shed a layer.

Rthum Switch smart thermostat


What is the environmental impact of a smart home?

There is a broad range of smart home devices on the market that are specifically designed to help reduce energy consumption, and consequently reduce your bills. Read our blog post here.

How to save electricity?

Visit our energy saving blog post which covers a range of energy saving smart devices, including smart thermostats, TRV valves, LED lighting and smart meters.

Can I make my heating smart?

Yes, there are a range of devices from smart TRV radiator valves, smart electric heaters and smart thermostats such as the Rithum Switch. These can all be retrofitted.

Can smart thermostats be used with any boiler?

Not all boilers, but typically any boiler that is already being controlled by a thermostat – including standard gas boilers, heating oil and electric boilers – can be easily retrofitted with a smart thermostat such as Rithum Switch when paired with a suitable relay

Do you need an electrician to install the Rithum Switch smart thermostat?

Installing the Rithum Switch does not require re-wiring, but a tweak to the existing circuit to permanently power the switch and add a neutral to the system. It is recommended that any electrical work is carried out by a qualified professional. See our installation blog post for a step by step guide.

Rithum Switch

Rithum Switch directly replaces an existing light switch and provides a convenient location in each room to control your smart home.



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