Expanded Blustream plugin provides strong AV control solution

Rithum’s Blustream plugin has recently been enhanced with some powerful new features.

Building on the existing video control functions, this means the Rithum Switch can now control both audio and video switching; line level volume; and (perhaps most powerfully) both sources and displays with a full set of CEC commands.

Previously limited to just video switching, the new feature set is particularly powerful when paired with Rithum’s Group Scenes in List or Macro mode.

Using Macro mode, users can trigger a full preset that, for example, turns a display on, routes a specific source to it from a matrix, sets the correct input on the TV, and press play on the source content.

Or List mode allows, for example, the grouping of zone sources under one scene, displaying a list of options when the room name is pressed.

Watch Rithum Bite Part 3 to see Group Scenes in action.

Of course single scenes will work too for any commands but volume adjustment at line level being particularly useful in this case.

The Rithum Blustream plugin now offers:

  • Video switching / routing
  • Power controls
  • Audio switching / routing
  • Line level volume control
  • CEC source and display control, for turning on/off sources, changing input, via HDMI

These new features are versatile for different project types, be it a sports bar, an education area or even a private residence, and marks an exciting step on Rithum’s journey by providing more comprehensive AV control.

For more details, see the Blustream plugin available through distributors and installers now.

Rithum Switch

Rithum Switch directly replaces an existing light switch and provides a convenient location in each room to control your smart home.



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