Why a Strong Wi-Fi Connection is Essential for Your Smart Home

Being connected to the internet is as important as it has ever been, and with more of us transforming our houses into smart homes, it’s vital to have a strong Wi-Fi connection. Whether you’re on video chat to a loved one, working from home or streaming some of your favourite TV shows, being connected makes whatever you’re doing hassle and stress-free.

Here at Rithum, we stick to that logic and work hard to make your lives easier through our smart technology. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at why Wi-Fi is so important in our homes, as well as exploring the smart technology we provide, such as our Smart home touch panel.

What is a Smart Home? 

A smart home is conveniently set up so that appliances such as lights, heating and sound systems can be controlled using a device connected to the internet such as a smartphone. This is becoming a much more popular way of living as it provides a convenient and hassle-free way of dealing with all your technology.

There are countless benefits for adding smart technology into your home – let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Security alerts wherever you are. This is a fantastic benefit if you’re working away or going on holiday. Some smart technology that is linked with security systems and doorbells are able to alert you if there has been any break-in attempts or anyone ringing the doorbell for deliveries.
  • Create mood lighting for any occasion. With the help of our smart light system, which links to your Philips Hue bulb, you can instantly set the mood whether it’s movie night or party time! 
  • Significant cost savings. Whatever you pay for your smart technology, you will almost always make back with savings on bills such as electricity and heating depending on which tech you choose to have in your home. This is because lighting, for example, is used more efficiently, read more in our smart home beginners guide.

Wi-Fi router on table for wifi smart home

Why is a Strong Wi-Fi Connection Important in a Smart Home?

As mentioned, a strong and stable internet connection is vital for any home, but when you integrate smart technology, it becomes even more important. This is because instead of devices being controlled separately, they are all connected and linked together to a central control hub such as your smartphone. They’re linked using Wi-Fi, which means when you need to control your music for example, it is done over the internet. Of course, for this to work as efficiently as it should, your connection should be strong and reliable.

Things You Can do To Boost your Wi-Fi

If you’re having trouble with a weak connection or you’re just beginning your smart home journey and want to be prepared, there’s a few things to keep in mind to ensure you’re getting the best out of your Wi-Fi.

  • Do not use the router that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides you with. They are often cheap, hence why they’re given out for free or as part of your deal. Do your own research to decide which router is the best choice for you and your household.
  • Have multiple access points around your home. This will give you better coverage for your whole house which is great for using our Smart Switch as it works with Sonos to control the music in every room.
  • Ensure that nothing is blocking the signal. If you’re having trouble with your signal then there could be something blocking it. It might be difficult to work out what exactly is blocking the signal, but it could be one or more of these examples listed: your neighbour’s network, baby monitors, thick timber walls, floor heating and microwave ovens are just some examples. 
Laptop showing illustration of connected devices

The Rithum Smart Switch

The Smart Switch Lite is a piece of smart technology that replaces your old, standard light switch with a switch that integrates your lights with your sound system to create an efficient and fun home. The set-up is simple – as you can see below the display is the same size as a standard light switch, meaning it fits into your home perfectly without any messy wires.

Once set up (there are clear instructions on the Set-up and Use section on our website), you will find that there are three main navigation pages: Scenes, Audio and Settings. These will help you change both the lighting and the music all around your home with the help of Philips Hue and Sonos, our two integrations. We are working hard behind the scenes to provide our customers with more integrations in the future.

Swapping a traditional light switch for a rithum Smart Switch

Bring intelligence to every room of your home by swapping out the old with the new and get your hands on a Smart Switch by Rithum today. Check out the full list of specifications including how to get connected to the internet on our smart home control panel homepage and if you have any further questions then our friendly team are more than happy to answer them, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.


What is smart home WiFi?

Smart home Wi-Fi refers to the wireless network that connects all the smart devices in a home, enabling them to communicate with each other and be controlled remotely through a smartphone or tablet. This technology allows homeowners to automate and manage their home’s appliances, lighting, thermostat, and security systems, providing convenience, energy efficiency, and enhanced safety

Do smart home devices use WiFi?

Yes, most smart home devices use Wi-Fi to connect to the internet and communicate with other devices in the home. However, many of these devices only support 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi frequency, which is a common issue with older routers that may only support 5 GHz frequency. This is why it’s important to check the compatibility of your smart home devices with your Wi-Fi network before purchasing them to ensure they work seamlessly together.

How many devices can connect to smart home WiFi?

The number of devices that can connect to smart home WiFi depends on various factors, including the type of router, internet bandwidth, and the number and types of devices being used. Most modern routers can support up to 250 devices, but this number may vary based on the router’s specifications and the devices’ bandwidth usage. However, it’s important to note that connecting too many devices can slow down the network and reduce its efficiency. To avoid this, it’s recommended to limit the number of devices and prioritise those that require high bandwidth, such as streaming devices or gaming consoles.

Rithum Switch

Rithum Switch directly replaces an existing light switch and provides a convenient location in each room to control your smart home.



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