More lighting control with software update 3.0

Rithum are excited to announce two highly requested features that will be rolling out with software update 3.0. The update includes:

  • Philips Hue Levels Screen: Hue lighting levels control
  • Quick App: Climate Control for Nice / Fibaro systems

Philips Hue Levels Screen: Lighting levels control

A highly anticipated feature is the ability to adjust individual lighting levels from within Rithum Switch, which is now possible with the roll-out this latest update. Users are able to adjust the lighting at Group Level, for example all lights in the Kitchen Group, or at individual device level, with the easy to use on/off toggles and sliders.

Rithum Switch Philips Hue Levels Screen
Philips Hue Levels Screen showing expanded Kitchen Group with 4 separate smart lights

The new Levels Screen is included as standard with Philips Hue, and in due course will be released as add-on plugins for other providers such as Rako, Fibaro and Lutron. To configure the Levels Screen for Philips Hue simply:

  • Click the Settings Tab at the top of the Scenes Screen
  • Configure which rooms or zones will be displayed by navigating to Screens > Levels Screen > Add Items…
  • Once rooms or zones have been added a new navigation tab will be available to the right of the Scenes Screen
Rithum Switch Philips Hue Lighting Levels Screen
Scenes Screen with Levels Screen navigation tab to the right

Nice / Fibaro Quick App climate control

For Nice/Fibaro users, we are pleased to launch a dedicated Quick App for climate control.

This means that users who would like to use their Fibaro systems for climate control, but don’t have a thermostat built into their system, are now able to use Rithum Switch as a thermostat via its built in temperature sensor and utilise a device within Fibaro to actuate the heating zone.

Fibaro Climate Quick App V1
Rithum Switch communicating the current temperature using Fibaro Quick App

Please note that Quick App requires the Fibaro Climate Plugin.

For detailed instructions on how to setup Quick App, please view our Fibaro Climate Quick App Setup blog post.

Rithum Switch

Rithum Switch directly replaces an existing light switch and provides a convenient location in each room to control your smart home.



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