SSL Wall Mounted Shelves_DCDCDC_300dpi_RGB_Screen Render_Scenes_1.5.0 – V2

VIOLET 1.5.0

Today VIOLET began rolling out VIOLET 1.5.0 for SmartSwitch Lite. If it hasn’t made it to your switch already, you can expect it over the

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Violet's SmartSwitch Lite wall mounted with a lamp above it and a dining table in the background

How SmartSwitch Lite Works

What Is the SmartSwitch Lite? Violet’s SmartSwitch Lite is a touchscreen light switch, or smart home control panel, that replaces a UK or European switch

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Rithum SmartSwitch Lite render exploded side with scenes screen and both euro and UK back box

SmartSwitch Lite Installation

Installing your SmartSwitch Lite is simple. Its slick design directly replaces standard switches so you can transform your home into a smart home almost immediately.

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Parents and their little girl lying back cuddling and reading a book

Smart Home Benefits

The benefits of smart home automation and what it can do for you Smart home automation has been the talk of the town for the

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